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4D slimming cream


Slimming cream used with exercise machines and belt. Suitable for exercises and everyday use. Good for slimming and weigh lose.

Hearing Aids


Hearings aids ideal for those with hearing problems. Easy to maintain and enhances hearing quality. Suitable for all ages.

Men’s wig


Lovely men’s wig for sale to cover bald head. Can be worn by any men of any age and this is good for aesthetic beauty instead of hair transplanting.

Padded pants


Fake bums for sale. No more plastic surgery or injections. Convenient pads easily worn to enlarge the bum.

Silicon gel boobs


No more cosmetic surgery with these ready made boobs. They come in various cup sixes from B- G sizes. Easily to wear.

Slimming bandage/belt


Lovely and classic smiling bandage and belt. Suitable for weight loss and slimming. Easy to maintain and use. Belt can be used with slimming old and creams and also can be used during gym session or everyday activities.

Slimming machine


Used for slimming. Can be used with slimming cream or oils. Suitable for weight loss on arms, tummy, legs.

Slimming massage oil


Slimming massage oil for fat burning. Can be used during exercise or massage therapy. Can be used with a slimming machine